21. 07. 2013.

Popart Market :))

Hello, everybody! I have some exciting news for you :)) For the first time Mixi's Jewelry Box participated in one of the local fairs called Popart Market. It was really an extraordinary experience, a great place where you can see creativity exploding all around :) Many genius handmade artists all gathered in one place, could it be better? I was very nervous preparing my jewelry for its first public expose, but all went great. I'm so impressed with the other artists so I have to share it with you :) Everybody is unique and the tastes differ, but my personal favorites were Leeloo Broš with its beautiful decoupage brooches, earrings, necklaces and the cutest little doll pictures ( you can check it out in the link above), JellyfishHandMade with some really unique jewelry pieces, Slonče with more great jewelry and cute bags, and many more. Everything was quite impressive :D I was amazed! Here are some more photos for you :) Hope you like it :) My stand was quite humble, but I think it was ok for the first time :) Here are also some new pieces I presented at the fair :) Kisses from sunny Banja Luka :***

And here are some new pieces :))  I made them just days before the fair :))

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  1. Wow,amazing beautiful...I really like your blog.^^
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    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

    1. Thank you, Nessa :)))
      I will certainly visit your blog :)
      Kisses from Banja Luka :***

  2. wowo! amazing pieces!!! looooove them!
    kisses pretty!

    1. Thank you, so happy that you like it :)
      Kisses from Mixi's Jewelry Box :***

  3. AWWW!! I am so HAPPY for you! your jewelries are really beautiful.. how long it takes to make a bracelet or necklace??
    KISSES from Indonesia..

    Cinta xx

    1. Thank you, Cinta :) You're so kind :)
      First I have to choose a color theme, and main pendants to go with it, then I sort it all in front of me and start working :D
      After that it takes about an hour or little more :*
      Kisses :***

    2. Wow.. so short of time.. maybe if i was the one who make these things, It will finish in a.....YEAR! haha
      Good Luck Milana! x


  4. Thank you so much for the follow.^^
    Follow you back on bloglovin and gfc,too.
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    Lovely greets

  5. great post!

  6. hey hun
    thanks for your lovely comment! I love New York!!
    this seems an amazing place and you look stunning!
    xoxo &keep in touch!!!

  7. All those jewelry look amazing and it's so pretty. xx

  8. This post is so great!
    Your blog is lovely!!!! Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin' ? xxx

    Gleaming Spire * Bloglovin'

    1. Thank you so much :)))
      I will certainly visit your blog :***

  9. Sve je predivno :*

  10. Your jewellery is so gorgeous I love it!