14. 05. 2013.

Love Birds :)

Hi, lovely people :)) Here's one romantic, spring necklace :) I was very inspired by the center piece love birds, so I combined it with this big orange rose cabochon, white disco ball bead, and few more white and silver beads. Hope it makes you think of love :***

10. 05. 2013.

Turquoise Overload :)

Hi everybody :)) I'm so sorry I neglected my blog a little, I was on holiday :) but now I'm back with one chunky, cheerful, turquoise necklace. You know I really love these, hope you will like it, too. I used some black pearls to give it an edge, some silver and of course lots of turquoise beads. My favourite part is this cute cabochon rose which I used as a center piece. I would really like to hear what do you think about it :*