22. 04. 2013.

B A N G L E !

Hi everybody! Today's post is about bangle bracelets :)) I really adore these, because they are so practical, easy to put on, when you're in a hurry :) I make them on memory wire, and I usually prefer these multiple ones - they look great with anything. Sometimes I put a lace bow, or some little detail to spice it up :)Here are few more pictures for you :) Hope you like them ;)

16. 04. 2013.

Frame It, Wear It!

Hi everybody :) Today's post is about my favourite piece of jewelry - medallions :) I just love them, especially these big kind of vintage ones :) Mine are, as you can see, handmade, and I explained how I make them in one of my previous posts Peacock Green :). Basically, I buy metal base, put a picture inside, and seal it with a pendant sealer :) The most interesting part is choosing the pictures of course. Hope you will like the ones I chose - it's always something romantic :))

In these few pictures you can see the first medallion I prepared for today. There's a picture of two roses on an old manuscript, which I really liked, and I also added beige lace bow, and "secret love" pendant on the side. Hope you like it :*

And here's another one. This time I chose this blurry image of a love couple ( hope you can see them well :))
I put an orange cabochon rose on the side of the chain, and here's a kind of chain inside the chain situation, which makes it more interesting :) You can see everything better in the images below.

And at the end a little preview for you :) Here's a picture of other medallion pendants waiting to be made :)

13. 04. 2013.

Pure White :))

Hi, dear friends :) Today, I wanted to make a piece of jewelry to go with everything, and of course I chose white as a main theme :) White is very practical, never goes out of fashion, and you can't go wrong with WHITE :))) I also used one big tibetan silver charm, white disco ball bead, cute little butterfly charm, lucite leaf, and of course big white cabochon flower :) I wanted for it to remind you of spring and love. Hope you like it. Here are some more photos :)

10. 04. 2013.

One is quite enough :)

Hello everyone :) Today's post is all about simplicity and minimalism in jewelry :) I really love chunky, rich bracelets and necklaces, but sometimes you just want something simple, but effective :) So here's something like that. I tried to combine different types of beads with double black and beige lace bow :) and this is how it turned out. There are also more photos of similar bracelets I made before...Hope you like it :*

06. 04. 2013.

Into the Blue

 Hi everybody! It's time for something BLUE :)) It's my favourite colour by the way ;) So here is one double-chain chunky statement necklace with elements of blue, turquoise, white and silver :) I also used some specific elements like this silver shoe pendant, transparent heart pendant, turquoise lucite leaves and of course sapphire blue resin cabochon (my favourite).. You can see everything much better in the pictures below :) Hope you like it.

Danas je napokon vrijeme za nešto plavo, tako da sam napravila novu statement ogrlicu sa dvostrukim lancem i elementima plavog, tirkiznog, bijelog i srebrnog :) Klasična kombinacija, ali je obožavam ;) Takođe sam upotrebila neke privjeske kao što je ovaj srebrni štikla privjesak, prozirno srce, tirkizni "lucit" listići i naravno safirno plavi kabošon cvijetić :)) Nadam se da vam se sviđa :*

03. 04. 2013.

Cute Little Things :)

 Hi everybody :) Long time no seen :) Today' s post is all about cute little things... I mean earrings :) These are not so hard to make, but when you make them as small as these in the picture, you need a lot of patience and precision :) There are numerous combinations you can make, and they look so cute with hair up, you can't pass unnoticed ;) Here are some more photos :***

 These are kind of puffy, but also very small and unusual :)