16. 04. 2013.

Frame It, Wear It!

Hi everybody :) Today's post is about my favourite piece of jewelry - medallions :) I just love them, especially these big kind of vintage ones :) Mine are, as you can see, handmade, and I explained how I make them in one of my previous posts Peacock Green :). Basically, I buy metal base, put a picture inside, and seal it with a pendant sealer :) The most interesting part is choosing the pictures of course. Hope you will like the ones I chose - it's always something romantic :))

In these few pictures you can see the first medallion I prepared for today. There's a picture of two roses on an old manuscript, which I really liked, and I also added beige lace bow, and "secret love" pendant on the side. Hope you like it :*

And here's another one. This time I chose this blurry image of a love couple ( hope you can see them well :))
I put an orange cabochon rose on the side of the chain, and here's a kind of chain inside the chain situation, which makes it more interesting :) You can see everything better in the images below.

And at the end a little preview for you :) Here's a picture of other medallion pendants waiting to be made :)

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