28. 10. 2013.


Hello, lovely people :) It's about time I write a new post :) Shame on me, but there were so many news in my life, that I didn't have any time to write. So, first of all, I wanted to present you our new product :) You can see it in the picture above, it's this new kind of bracelet, all pink and lovely :)

It's made from soft velvet frosting cord thread combined with silver pendants :) It's the first one I made, so I hope you like it :*


I would also like to thank our dear friends from Belgrade, who featured my jewelry on their blog Lu Lu nakit. They did such a great job, and wrote some beautiful things about Mixi's Jewelry Box, and made me so happy :) Here's a picture from their post, and you can read more in the link above.

And at the end, I'm happy to tell you that I graduated from collage, and that I'm now officially master of pharmacy. I've never been happier :) and of course I wore one piece of jewelry made especially for that day. It was one of my flower necklaces, you can see it in the picture below. I send you lots of kisses :***