28. 09. 2015.

Travel post: Klagenfurt

Hello everybody :) Two weeks ago I went on a little trip with my friends, and it was so great that I have to share it with you. I never wrote travel post, so don't be hard on me, if it isn't perfect :)

Anyway, we went to Klagenfurt, small city in Austria. Most famous part of it is Minimundus, gorgeous little world where you can see about 155 world's greatest buildings in it's small edition. So fascinating :) Can you imagine? Little Taj Mahal, Eiffel tower and so much more. Buildings are 25 times smaller than it's original, and they are made with such precision, that you wouldn't believe.

Here are some more photos, so you can see what I'm talking about. I would recommend everyone to visit this amazing place.

         Monastery Studenica :) loved it

29. 06. 2015.

Better Late Than Never :)

As you can see, here you have one really lazy blogger :) More than a month without new post. I have no excuse :) So here something from me. This time I wanted to show one of our new necklaces in my favorite shades of blue and red. I combined it with royal blue maxi skirt and simple white blouse. Can't wait to hear your opinion :)

Jacket - New Yorker
Blouse - Asos
Maxi skirt  - Mango
Necklace - Mixi's Jewelry Box
Flats - Office Shoes

New pieces:

04. 05. 2015.

Blue Stripes

Blue, red and white, sailor combinations are such a great hit this spring, and one of my favorite trends ever. That's why this time I wore deep red Mango blazer, jeans and quite simple navy blue striped t-shirt :) Accessories make every outfit complete, and this one would be very dull if it wasn't for our new tassel statement necklace. It's one of my favorite pieces, so I hope you'll like it. Love you all :)

Blazer - Mango
Shirt - Springfield
Jeans - Tally Weijl
Flats - Parfois
Watch - Aldo
Jewelry - Mixi's Jewelry Box

New pieces:

19. 04. 2015.

Deep Green

Hello, dear friends :) Spring is finally here and we can all agree that it is the best time for new ideas, new colors and inspiration. And there is no better way than to express it though jewelry. This time we wanted to present our new tassel earrings with some green and pink moments :) love that color combination. 

Outfit following the jewelry is quite simple and ideal for this kind of weather. We chose simple dark green blouse and black leggings with some leather moments :) The best part is of course this cute beige Mango vest.

There is also one new moment we're adding to our posts :) At the end of every post we will always add few photos of our latest pieces of jewelry ;) Hope you will like it :)

Blouse - Bershka
Leggings - Tally Weijl
Vest - Mango
Watch - Parfois
Jewelry - Mixi's Jewelry Box

New pieces:

23. 02. 2015.

When in doubt, wear Red :)

Hi, everybody :) Photos for this post were ready, well about a month ago, but I just couldn't find enough time to finish it. There are really no excuses for me :) 
I really love red, so this time I wore my favorite red Mango coat, along with big statement earrings. I wrote about these tassel earrings in my last post HERE . Hope you like them, as much as I do :)
It was perfect for photo shooting by river Vrbas, warm and sunny, unusual for February. We really enjoyed that day. Until next time :) Kisses from Banja Luka :***

Coat - Mango
Dress - Springfield
Boots - Lacoste
Bag - Parfois
Earrings - Mixi's Jewelry Box