22. 12. 2013.

Winter Popart Market

Hello, dear friends :) I'm so happy to share with you my second participation on one of Banjaluka's most beautiful fairs, Popart Market. I already wrote about this fair in my other post which you can see HERE. It was wonderful to be among all that amazing creative people, to share our experiences and meet some new friends. This time with holidays approaching, I presented my winter collection and many new medallions :) The atmosphere was just festive, everything so cheerful and colorful. I am so grateful to the organizers for giving us this unique chance to show our work and creativity to other people. In the picture below you can see some of new medallions, but more about it in my next post.

As always I was very impressed with other artists, so I have to share it with you :)) Next to my stand were two lovely ladies who make wonders with fimo mass. Bijoux Nakit was just so colorful and with such pretty details, that you couldn't look the other way. You can see their work in link above. 

One of my personal favorites was Moj Kutak Mašte with gorgeous necklaces, earrings and very special unique brooches which I liked most. Everything was lovely decorated with delicate little bows and super cute pictures, so visit their page and discover more :)))

Some of the most amazing color combinations you could see in MaDaM jewelry. Beautiful necklaces, rich bangle bracelets, bookmarks, picture frames, you name it :) everything was there. The creator was equally cheerful, one wonderful lady with great sense of humor :) It was great pleasure to meet her :) Here are some more photos, hope you'll like it :)) Kisses from Banja Luka :***

06. 12. 2013.

Elegant Friday ;)

Hello everybody :) Time for something special this Friday :) Lately I've been making these short and long necklaces, something little bit different from my other pieces :) Hope you will like it. Your opinion means a lot to me :) The first piece you can see above is quite simple, but really cute and you can wear it with absolutely everything.

Also with New Year's Eve approaching I decided to make new jewelry collection, but you'll hear more about it in my next post. Here are some more photos of necklaces I made recently and some of them are of course included in my collection, so it's kind of a preview for you :) Hugs and kisses from Banja Luka :***

24. 11. 2013.

All New Bracelets :)

Hello darlings :) Recently I was very inspired in making my favorite charm bracelets. You know how I love these :) So, this post is all about my new pieces made to cheer up cold and foggy November days. I made some different bracelets, in bronze and silver as usual.

All these pieces are chunky with lots of colors and different pendants to complete the picture, and I hope they will bring love and luck to it's future owners :) So I used lots of bronze and silver hearts, little birds and colorful cabochon flowers. Hope you like them. Here are some more pictures below :)

I also started using Instagram and Fashiolista to share with you some special moments in my life, and my personal style. On my instagram profile you can see some more pieces in making, new ideas and so on :) Follow me if you like, it would make me very happy :* Kisses from Banja Luka :***

10. 11. 2013.

A Little Bit Of Luxury

Hi, everybody! Today I was in the mood to make one eye catching piece of jewelry :) I hope I accomplished my mission. I love using colors which go good with anything, like beige, light pink, peach, you know what I mean. So I decided for this silver-topaz-light peach combination :)

 It's different from my other statement necklaces because it contains less details, but these details are bigger and more luxurious :) I wanted to make a necklace that everyone will notice, so I used this big fake topaz bead, silver carnival mask, light peach cabochon flower on piece of chain, antique key pendant and cute bird connector combined with transparent beige beads. I also added one of my favorite pendants :) It's this interesting love arrow, to bring you love every day. There are also some more shiny beads and chain details, as you can see better in the pictures below. Hope you have a great Sunday :) Enjoy!


04. 11. 2013.

Style Icon: Marilyn Monroe

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

- Marilyn Monroe

Hello, dear friends, it time to present my new medallion collection dedicated to one of the most beautiful women ever :) You already know that I make these medallions myself. I just use the metal base, put a picture in, and seal it with a two-component sealer. Then I leave it to dry a day or two :) This time I decided to make a few of these lovely things with Marilyn Monroe pictures :) Hope you like the ones I chose. Not a long time ago, I made a collection dedicated to Audrey Hepburn. You can see it in my post HERE
Which ones do you like better? Here are some more pictures for you :) Kisses from Banja Luka :***

28. 10. 2013.


Hello, lovely people :) It's about time I write a new post :) Shame on me, but there were so many news in my life, that I didn't have any time to write. So, first of all, I wanted to present you our new product :) You can see it in the picture above, it's this new kind of bracelet, all pink and lovely :)

It's made from soft velvet frosting cord thread combined with silver pendants :) It's the first one I made, so I hope you like it :*


I would also like to thank our dear friends from Belgrade, who featured my jewelry on their blog Lu Lu nakit. They did such a great job, and wrote some beautiful things about Mixi's Jewelry Box, and made me so happy :) Here's a picture from their post, and you can read more in the link above.

And at the end, I'm happy to tell you that I graduated from collage, and that I'm now officially master of pharmacy. I've never been happier :) and of course I wore one piece of jewelry made especially for that day. It was one of my flower necklaces, you can see it in the picture below. I send you lots of kisses :***

14. 09. 2013.

50 Shades Of Blue

Hi, everybody :) It's time for a new post, and with it new piece of jewelry :) You know how I just love blue, so I decided to combine every possible shade I own in this very rich and chunky statement necklace :) I can't wait to hear what do you think about it. I used lots of pendants in this piece: silver heart, umbrella for upcoming rainy days :) silver and lucite blue leaves, and of course, one of my favorite-angel wing :) You ca see it much better in pictures below. I also used this royal blue swarovski beads to add it some glam :) Hope you like it. Lots of kisses :***