24. 11. 2013.

All New Bracelets :)

Hello darlings :) Recently I was very inspired in making my favorite charm bracelets. You know how I love these :) So, this post is all about my new pieces made to cheer up cold and foggy November days. I made some different bracelets, in bronze and silver as usual.

All these pieces are chunky with lots of colors and different pendants to complete the picture, and I hope they will bring love and luck to it's future owners :) So I used lots of bronze and silver hearts, little birds and colorful cabochon flowers. Hope you like them. Here are some more pictures below :)

I also started using Instagram and Fashiolista to share with you some special moments in my life, and my personal style. On my instagram profile you can see some more pieces in making, new ideas and so on :) Follow me if you like, it would make me very happy :* Kisses from Banja Luka :***

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  1. Divne su:) Kada bih se morala odluciti za jednu ne bih mogla jer sve su posebne! x

  2. Really love the black and white one with the mask.


  3. love the blue one! :)

  4. very nice bijou, say hi to me on my new post!

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    I'll wait for you,

  5. Thank you so much for these lovely comments :) Kisses :***

  6. They're so delicate and feminine, I love them all!

    Arianna, Nymphashion ♡

  7. I really love the first bracelet, so gorgeous.

  8. Thank you so much :) glad you like them :)

  9. Hello dear, Your blog really awesome! Love it! <3
    Btw, wanna follow each other via GFC or bloglovin? Let me know ;)