23. 02. 2014.

Waiting For Spring :)

Hello everybody :) It's so rainy and cloudy in Banja Luka, and I can't wait for spring. Hate this weather so much that I decided to make some flowery spring jewelry pieces to light up the whole cloudy situation :) The first one is the new kind of statement necklace made of three lacy flowers in white and beige to go with every combination. It's very simple, but effective in my opinion :) See more details in pictures below.

And here is one more piece in my favorite colors :) pastel pink and mint combined with silver :) Hope you like the beginning of my spring collection :)

12. 02. 2014.

Retro Lace :)

Hello, everybody! Today I have two very romantic pieces of jewelry to share with you :) One of them is this pure white, lacy, flower necklace with silver details. It's some kind of an improved flower necklace which you could see in one of my older posts here. This time I added some lace on the edge to make it bigger and spice it up a little. Here are few more photos :)

The other piece is this black and white bracelet with white cabochon flower as a center piece :) I planned to make some earrings but it ended up as a bracelet :D Check it out in the pictures below :) Hope you like it. Kisses from rainy Banja Luka :) Can't wait for spring :*