28. 12. 2014.

In Red

Hello everybody! I really love sunny winter days :) One of these, we had great photo-shooting with my sister as a model. She wore our latest statement necklace, which is a new piece, first of its kind with double chain connected by little golden beads and few red details. Skirt is also custom made. we combined it with white shirt, winter jacket and boots :) Hope you like the photos :*

Beret - Terranova
Shirt - Only
Skirt - Mixi's
Jacket - Mango
Boots - Office Shoes
Wallet - Parfois
Necklace - Mixi's Jewelry Box

16. 12. 2014.

Give Me Some Leather ;)

Friday night, great for new post :) Weather is horrible, so I decided to make one #after_the_dark indoors photo shooting. Me and my sister were preparing for night out with some friends, so I wore my new leather skirt and custom made crop top, alongside with one of our statement necklaces :)
Hope you like these new tassel moments, cause now, I'm putting them on everything :)

Crop Top - Mixi's
Skirt - Only
Shoes - Must Have
Necklace - Mixi's Jewelry Box

20. 11. 2014.

Autumn Vibes

Sunny days in autumn are perfect for combinations like this :) Skirt and boots with some nice jewelry of course. This time we chose simple, but effective golden chain necklace. Hope you like the combination. Kisses from sunny Banjaluka :***

Skirt - Asos
Shirt - Mango
Sunglasses - Accessorize
Bag - Mango
Jewelry - Mixi's Jewerly Box

13. 10. 2014.

Ripped Jeans

Hello, everybody :) Long time, no seen. I've neglected my blog so much, but in my defense, I was very busy finishing my internship. It's finally over :) 
Weather is wonderful these days in Banja Luka, so we had great photo shooting. This time I wore my new shorts from ebay :) mint green sweater, and combined it with one of our medallions :)
Hope you like it :) Kisses from Banja Luka :***

Sweater - Shana
Bag - Avon
Medallion - Mixi's Jewerly Box
Watch - Aldo
Shorts - Ebay
Shoes - Springfield

10. 08. 2014.

Shine Bright

Hello, lovely people :) Lately I just love yellow stuff, especially yellow with blue, so today's outfit is all about it. We combined one of our custom made crop tops in pastel yellow with dark blue Mango trousers and long yellow- detailed necklace. You can see all the details in pictures below. Hope you will like the combo. Love you all :***

Crop top - Mixi's
Trousers - Mango
Shoes  - Skechers
Jewelry - Mixi's Jewerly Box
Watch - Parfois