25. 06. 2014.

Summer Flert

Hello everybody :) New post is here... It's about one of my favorite jewelry pieces: this cute cheerful statement necklace with blue and pink details. Along with pink and blue cabochon roses and lucite leaves, I used few silver pendants to spice it up :)

This kind of necklace looks great on denim shirts, so we combined this one with it, and of course with black and white striped mini skirt. Hope you like the combination. Kisses from Banja Luka :***

Denim shirt - Springfield
Skirt - Ebay
Sunglasses - Parofis
Flats - Parfois
Jewelry - Mixi's Jewelry Box

05. 06. 2014.

Cotton Candy ;)

Hello everybody :))) Summer is apparently finally here, so this time we prepared one cheerful post :)
Hope I'm not boring you too much with pastel pink, because here it is again. 
New pieces of jewelry are pastel pink chunky statement necklace and this bracelet where I combined pink, dark pink, white and pastel blue beads :) Hope you like the combination...

Outfit is quite simple as always :) White shirt with my new custom made skater skirt and pastel pink flats. Skirt is similar to the one I wore in my post HERE , but I wanted to show you this new print. Check it out in the pictures below. Kisses from Banja Luka :***

Top - Shana
Skirt - Custom made
Jewelry - Mixi's Jewerly Box
Flats - Deichmann