14. 09. 2013.

50 Shades Of Blue

Hi, everybody :) It's time for a new post, and with it new piece of jewelry :) You know how I just love blue, so I decided to combine every possible shade I own in this very rich and chunky statement necklace :) I can't wait to hear what do you think about it. I used lots of pendants in this piece: silver heart, umbrella for upcoming rainy days :) silver and lucite blue leaves, and of course, one of my favorite-angel wing :) You ca see it much better in pictures below. I also used this royal blue swarovski beads to add it some glam :) Hope you like it. Lots of kisses :***

03. 09. 2013.

Back To Bronze!

Hello, my dear friends! It's about time I write a new post :) You all know how much I like bronze jewelry cause it has that antique look. Recently I made some new pieces which I wanted to show you in this post. My personal favorites are these bracelets you can see above, which are made from two kinds of chain, with different cabochons in pastel colors, this cute bird pendant and lace bow :) It's some kind of collection. I always like to make similar things in different colors, because everyone has it's favorite. For example, my best friend Nataša chose light blue combination which you can see in the picture below :) And here are also more new pieces :) Hope you like them :) Kisses :***