21. 07. 2013.

Popart Market :))

Hello, everybody! I have some exciting news for you :)) For the first time Mixi's Jewelry Box participated in one of the local fairs called Popart Market. It was really an extraordinary experience, a great place where you can see creativity exploding all around :) Many genius handmade artists all gathered in one place, could it be better? I was very nervous preparing my jewelry for its first public expose, but all went great. I'm so impressed with the other artists so I have to share it with you :) Everybody is unique and the tastes differ, but my personal favorites were Leeloo Broš with its beautiful decoupage brooches, earrings, necklaces and the cutest little doll pictures ( you can check it out in the link above), JellyfishHandMade with some really unique jewelry pieces, Slonče with more great jewelry and cute bags, and many more. Everything was quite impressive :D I was amazed! Here are some more photos for you :) Hope you like it :) My stand was quite humble, but I think it was ok for the first time :) Here are also some new pieces I presented at the fair :) Kisses from sunny Banja Luka :***

And here are some new pieces :))  I made them just days before the fair :))

12. 07. 2013.

Mint Obsession :)

Hello, lovely people! What's your favorite color this season? :) It' not hard to guess that I'm crazy about mint these days... When I start making new piece of jewelry, I always pick some color theme and go with the flow, but these days I often return to MINT :)) For a very long time, my favorite color was blue, being blond and all that :) but now I don't even notice blue things in stores...So here are some products of my latest obsession :) First of all we have this double-chain bronze statement necklace (you know I love to make these) with addition of some cute pendants. I used my favorite secret love pendant, little antique bronze key, bird pendant and of course mint cabochon rose :) Hope you like it :) And here are some more sweet mints :)

 Here is one multiple bracelet in mint and white combination, with this kind of puffy flower attached to the main bracelet :)

I also love to combine mint with other pastel colors so here I made earrings set in pink, beige and mint :)

 These are my favorite earrings :) I made them not so long ago using silver butterfly beads, white lucite leaves, silver, mint and transparent beads, an white pearls of course. Hope you like the combination :*

This set was made for my best friend, when she got some green skirt as a gift and wanted some jewelry to go with it :) I made her chunky charm bracelet, and this long earrings, because she loved the model :) You can see more details about the bracelet in my old post HERE :)

This bangle bracelet I made for myself to wear to my graduation night :) Of course, I wore mint dress :) Here' s one photo from that occasion. Can't wait to hear what you think :*

04. 07. 2013.

Candy Shop :)

Hello everyone :)) I have some news for you :) It's nothing much, but it really means a lot to me :) I printed my own labels, and you can see them in picture above. Hope you like them as much as I do. I'm so excited :)
I already wrote about charm bracelets in my other post HERE, and today I wanted to show you some more. The newest piece is the orange one in the picture...I just love this combination of colours, orange, yellow and peach, and I thought it would look good with bronze. What do you think? I also used lucite leaves, bow pendant, secret love notebook and little bronze bird :)

Here are few other pictures for you :) These are silver combinations. Which one is your favourite? :*