09. 03. 2014.

Black And White Glam :)

Hello, everybody :) It's my birthday today, so I wanted to surprise you with something new on my blog :) From the beginning, this blog was strictly dedicated to publishing new pieces of my handmade jewelry, but thanks to one dear friend whose blog you can visit HERE, I decided to make it a combination of jewelry and some cute outfit. Thanks for advice, Sonja :) It was extremely hard to convince my sister to pose for me, but here are the results :) Hope you like it. It was raining outside, so we made it an indoors post :/ hate this weather.

And here is the jewelry we used with this black and white combination :) We used this long necklace with angel wing details, cute white flower ring, and big black and silver earrings. Some of these pieces you saw in my other posts, hope it all looks better on a live model :)

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