27. 03. 2013.

All the way BRONZE :)

Hello everybody :) Today's post is all about long bronze necklaces, which look great on almost everything :)
Mine are very simple, long chain with big pendants, spiced up with few beads or a bow. The most interesting part of it all is choosing pendants. I always go with something cheerful :) Hope you like these few pieces :*

This one is my personal favourite, because of this antique key pendant, and bow is beige so it goes great with any combination.

Ballerina pendant long necklace

Elephant in purple :)

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  1. Great pieces, honey! It's nice to see bronze jewelry for a change.;)

  2. Beautiful jewelry in a Vintage style, I love it:)
    Kisses from Poland:*

  3. Love, love love the key! Very nice!